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Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

Maniac 2012Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download. Download Maniac 2012 Full 720p HD Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Movie Overview

Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download. Frank Zito is a mentally disturbed young man who has taken over his family’s mannequin sales business after the recent death of his mother, who also moonlighted as a prostitute. Frank’s childhood experiences of seeing his mother bring home clients or being taken out with her to turn tricks has left Frank unable to enter into meaningful relationships with women, and his sexual impulses tend to manifest themselves as violent urges that Frank externalizes as his mother’s will. Struggling to come to grips with his mother’s treatment of him, and spurred by memories of his mother brushing her hair before going out at night, Frank stalks, murders, and scalps a woman one night, attaching her hair to a mannequin that he then keeps in his bedroom.

Frank joins an online dating site, where he befriends a local girl named Lucie. The two eventually meet for what turns out to be a successful date. The pair return to Lucie’s apartment, where she attempts to seduce the virginal Frank; Frank, feeling overwhelmed by homicidal impulses, insists that he likes Lucie and that he must leave before something bad happens. Lucie, mistaking Frank’s panic for nervousness, becomes sexually aggressive and begins performing fellatio. Though he attempts to control himself, Frank eventually strangles and then scalps Lucie. Frank takes her hair back to his apartment, where he attaches it to another mannequin.

One morning, Frank awakens to find a photographer named Anna taking photos of the mannequins in his storefront. Frank invites her into his store, where she becomes taken with his work restoring antique department store mannequins. The two develop a friendship, with Frank agreeing to help Anna put together an art exhibit using his mannequins. As the two spend more time together, Frank begins to fall in love, and becomes more aggressive about trying to control his urges, attempting to take pharmaceuticals to quiet his impulses. Nonetheless, one night he follows a woman home from her dance studio and stabs her to death in a parking lot; once again, he scalps her and attaches her hair to a mannequin in his bedroom.

As the date of the exhibit opening approaches and after watching The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari in a cinema together, Frank learns that Anna has a boyfriend, sending him into an emotional tailspin. At the opening of the exhibit, Frank meets Anna’s boyfriend, Jason, who takes an instant disliking to Frank and insists he is a homosexual. Frank also meets Anna’s mentor, and art director Rita, an older woman who encourages Anna to leave Los Angeles to seek more opportunities. In a drunken state, Rita later mocks Frank, first sexually propositioning him and then teasing him for his interest in mannequins.


Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download Maniac 2012 DVDRIP Full HD Movie Free Download
Maniac 2012 Full HD Movie Free Download Maniac 2012 Full Movie Free Download

Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

Full Name: Maniac 2012
Release Date: 2 January 2013
Size: 1.4 GB
Quality: 720p
Genres:  Horror, Thriller
Language: English
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Maniac 2012 720p Full HD Movie Free Download

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